Parent & Tot Programs

These programs are designed for children 6 months to 3 years of age who are accompanied by a parent.  These programs focus on in-water interaction between a parent and child and on the importance of play, safety and skill development in and around the water.  Children closer to the age of three will move from a parented to an un-parented setting throughout a session to prepare them for a small group class.

Red Cross Swim Preschool Programs

The first two levels focus on water orientation and safety for parents and their children. Levels 3-8 build swimming skills and age-specific Water Safety. The upper levels are geared to the advanced preschooler and focus on skill and stroke development.

Red Cross Swim Kids Programs

This program is for Children aged six and older.  The majority of swimmers will have completed all levels by age 12, depending on the frequency of enrolment.  Swimmers learn competitive and survival strokes and build their distance and speed, while focusing on making safe decisions in, on, and around the water.


Our son wanted to put his head under water, jump off the edge into deep water and try to swim like a shark. He didn't want to get out of the water at the end of his lesson and he finally advanced where he could be part of group lessons again. People who see him today would never know that he had a fear of water and would assume that he loved always loved swimming.  This amazing change of events is a result of everyone at Atlantis.