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The Atlantis School of Swim, a family owned and family oriented swim school. We offer an enjoyable and challenging swim experience to students through the use of small classes, warmer water locations, unique teaching methods and Red Cross Swim Programs. We offer classes at 53 Bond Street, in the Oakville, Ontario Area. This location serves Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington and surrounding areas.

53 Bond Street
Oakville, Ontario
L6K 1L8

Directions to the Pool:

  1. Enter the parking lot via Bond Street. You will pass through 2 brick columns, and a gate. You can park anywhere on the RIGHT.
  2. Look for the white sign that says Central West Specialized Developmental Services. (Posted on a brick wall, which can be seen as you drive through the access gate). 
  3. There is an automatic sliding door on the same wall as the white sign, enter the building using this door.
  4. Once in the building, follow the hallway until you can take your first RIGHT down a hallway. Pool changerooms are located on the LEFT.
  5. There is a family changeroom at this facility, it is the last door on the LEFT.
I want to thank you, Amanda and Brandon for helping our son through his first set of swimming lessons.  I really appreciate how welcoming and accommodating you all have been.  The experience beginning to end has been amazing and we are looking forward to next season.

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Oakville swim classes

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