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In-Home Instruction

Atlantis School of Swim offers high quality swim instruction at our clients' homes in Oakville, Burlington and South West Mississauga. This option is offered in summer only for those who have their own backyard pools. Having lessons taught in a comfortable environment  facilitates the learning process and  saves you time by having an instructor come to your home.

Our certified and experienced swim instructors will help ensure your children get the most out of their lessons. We offer the same quality programs at your home as we do at our indoor locations.  We offer private (1:1) or semi-private (2:1) lessons.  Please note that clients must provide the students for semi-private  lessons.  Student skills and abilities must be similar in order to offer the semi-private option.

For more information, click on "Schedules" for a calendar of dates. Please note this option is for summer months only. We work with your schedule and if our schedule does not meet your needs, please contact the office for more flexible options.

Our son wanted to put his head under water, jump off the edge into deep water and try to swim like a shark. He didn't want to get out of the water at the end of his lesson and he finally advanced where he could be part of group lessons again. People who see him today would never know that he had a fear of water and would assume that he loved always loved swimming.  This amazing change of events is a result of everyone at Atlantis.